Balises numériques 32Ko
un projet de Catherine Rannou

production du Festival @rt Outsiders / Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, 2009
en collaboration avec le Centre d'art contemporain Passerelle, Brest.


09/02/26-TU10H08 - CR - hello from the australian ship

Aurora Australis à quai. Hobart C.RANNOU 2007

Mail reçu aujourd'hui de K, elle vient de partir sur l'Aurora Australis, navire polaire australien.
Elle est biologiste, artiste et navigue sur l'Aurora Australis, en tant que coordinatrice entre sciences et logistique.

"Hello Cath!
I was thinking of you when we departed on the Aurora Australis on
Tuesday. Your art project has made me see 'samples' of art with my
own eyes now. I did not get a photo, but when we left many of the
expeditioners were all standing on the heli-deck talking on their
mobile phones (presumably saying their last goodbyes). It struck me
as such a 'new technology' moment... and an interesting 'sample'.
We have had quite calm seas so far. This morning was absolutely
beautiful... sunny skies and vivid blue. We are going to have some
storms soon though. We tried to recover a whale mooring yesterday,
but were not successful. It is an acoustic release. Today I put the
CPR (continuous plankton recorder) in the water and we are currently
towing it behind us. It was a relief to finally get on the ship. We
have had a lot of communication problems and we did not have email at
first. But now I am receiving email ok.
It is a nice quiet ship with only 28 people on board.
Hope you are settling in to your 'home' life again!